The Professionals: Over $1 Billion sold in 2017. Average Sales price to original list 93%. 

Nantucket Island is one of the premier vacation destinations in the world. With that reputation comes a sophisticated real estate market. As a firm, we collectively have over 100 years of experience brokering deals for the residential and the commercial markets. We provide professional, prompt, and attentive service. We work as a coordinated team focused on your goals, needs, and timetable.

The "Rock" is our home. This is where we work, play, rest and live because we love it. We are active locals in the community. We know the ins-and-outs of the island from the ideal time to shop for groceries, to where to fish, and where to eat.

J Pepper Frazier Company has been serving the Island of Nantucket since 1979. We have knowledgeable team of professionals who can provide analysis and advice. We have weekly meeting to discuss the market and to share as much information as possible about local opportunities and specific needs.

If you are listing, buying or renting real estate on Nantucket we can guide you through the process with market knowledge and expertise. Contact one of our Nantucket real estate professionals now to get started.



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