Our Story

Life is a series of journeys, with each of us arriving by different paths.

In the end, the path by which you arrive is created by who you are along the way, and what you bring with you.

Tekkima® (pronounced, tek-eem-uh). A menswear brand designed for your journeys, no matter which path you take. 

Where in the world did we come across a word like this? Well, Tekkima is Estonian, and simply means the act of arising, emerging, and coming into being. The essence of Tekkima is that while each of our journeys are unique, we journey better when we journey together.

In each of your challenges and triumphs, struggles and joys, valleys and mountaintops, you deserve a wardrobe fit for that trip…that’s why we created Tekkima.

Our team is made up of family and friends, stretched across multiple generations, continents, and cultures, who’ve come together for this very adventure. From design to production to your doorstep, we’ve invested every effort to ensure you have the wardrobe you need as you live your life story well.

Arise. Go and Be.

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