Uwila Warrior

Uwila Warrior was founded on one simple belief: Women shouldn’t have to twist their bodies and lifestyles into underwear that only fits sometimes – they should have unapologetically colorful, beautiful, and comfortable underwear that fits every moment of their lives. 

Our team is made of real women – women who have tugged at panty lines, suffered through thongs, and changed into our "comfy pants" the moment we walk through the door after work. Uwila Warrior is created by women, for women, who understand what you've been searching for.

We are delighted to launch our premier collection, "The Intelligence Bureau". Inspired by the women whose brilliance empowers us, our debut products are an expression of freedom - featuring spirited colors, cheeky sayings, luxurious silk, and ornate lace. We can't wait for you to love it as much as we do.